Bang & Olufsen’s headphones tend to stand out from the crowd, and their new fully wireless mode, the Beoplay E8, is no exception. The E8 is easily the best totally wire-free headphone I’ve used thus far, with comfortable earbuds that should fit your regardless of your ear shape, good battery life of around four hours per charge, and the best sound quality of any true wireless… Read More

B&O’s Beoplay E8 totally wireless earbuds really are the total ...

 Meural’s second-generation Canvas digital art display is now available, and I’ve been testing one out for the past couple of weeks to see how it stacks up. This is my first experience with any kind of digital canvas product, and I have to admit I had very low expectations going into it – but the Meural is actually an outstanding gadget, provided you have the means to commit… Read More

Meural’s upgraded Canvas is a surprisingly awesome showcase for art

 It’s been nearly two full years since the first Echo was made available to Amazon Prime subscribers. In that time, the company added six new members to the Echo family (seven if you count the Tap, which Amazon kind of, sort of does) — and in the case of the Echo Dot, did one full product refresh. Google entered the space in a big way with Home, and both Apple and Microsoft have… Read More

Amazon’s original Echo gets a much-needed upgrade

 Google’s changes to the Pixel cameras are mostly on the software side, but they gain some excellent additional abilities, including a new Portrait mode, as well as optical image stabilization to compliment Google’s digital anti-shake for photos and video. Google spent a lot of time during its presentation crowing about the Pixel 2 (and Pixel 2 XL, since their cameras are the… Read More

Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL reaffirm Google’s top spot ...

 Logitech’s keyboards have long been my keyboards of choice, thanks to their versatility and focus on good design. But the new Craft keyboard may be my favorite Logitech keyboard of all time – and possibly my favorite keyboard, period. The Craft is being billed as creative tool thanks to the integration of a control dial with custom functions depending on which application… Read More

Logitech’s Craft keyboard offers premium typing with big bonuses

 Case in point: Sony and reMarkable, a pair of companies as unlike as you’re likely to find, yet with the shared mission of making a device that adequately serves the same purpose a few sheets of paper do. They have mixed success, each working and failing in different ways; but these devices left me optimistic about future possibilities — while at the same time clinging tenaciously… Read More

Sony and reMarkable’s dueling e-paper tablets are strange but impressive ...

 Optoma has released new fully wireless headphones under its ‘NuForce’ audio sub brand, the BE Free8 earbuds. These are like Apple’s AirPods, requiring no wire to connect them, and they connect via Bluetooth to any device. The charging pod they ship with even has a similar design to the AirPod case, and carries three backup charges for powering up on the go. The NuForce… Read More

Optoma’s NuForce BE Free8 wireless headphones are a smart AirPods ...