Is my Website Mobile Ready?

Is my Website Mobile Ready?



We get tons and tons of questions asking us ” Hey is my Website Mobile Responsive.” We are going to answer that question now.  What is a Mobile Responsive Website? A responsive website when viewed on any mobile device, ex: Mobile Phone, Tablet, iPad and any other mobile device manufactured means that the website morph’s to every different screen size without having different versions of code for each individual device. The website uses code that expands and contracts to the screen size being viewed on. Regardless of device, the website is fully functional and user friendly to all visitors on any device. Our clients have and are continuing to have great success with maintaining 1 version of their website and continue to get great feedback from there users and visitors. Our goal is to keep our clients and their users up to date with new website design standards and increasing their exposure and user funnel and flow. Here is link to our mobile responsive website tool, feel free to check your website and if you are interested in getting a free quote to bring you into the 21st century, Please fill out form below.

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